Watercolour: Rain at Faslane, July 5th 2020 (Unframed 20 x 50cm)


Watercolour, for sale unframed size 20 x 50cm.

Only 1 left in stock

Sold By: Rowena Comrie


Watercolour painted at the scene, of the view of The Faslane Submarine Base from the Rosneath Peninsula. One of a series.

By Rowena Comrie

This painting has guaranteed Christmas shipping if you order by December 18th

Made in Rosneath

This is a unique, one-off painting.

20 x 50 cm Unframed.

Watercolour on Hannemuhle paper.

“Until lockdown, sources of artistic inspiration for Rowena Comrie included sublime landscapes, where natural features have the addition of a dramatic man-made intervention, such as lighthouses and power stations. With lockdown limiting her range of subjects, ‘on one of my Covid-tensioned explorations, I found a scene that added even more irritation to my aritistic sensibility’. The charming township of Garelochead nestles in the foreground of the dramatic soaring Arrochar Alps, part of the volcanic Highland Fault line. The power of the Ice Age still evident in the soaring craggy peaks is here contrasted with the contemporary sublime: the giant naval boatyard at Faslane.The submarine shed, adds ‘order’ to the scene, yet when considered in context with the power of water and volcanic energy, and a pandemic virus, the uses of nuclear power have a further tension as a new force of nature harnessed to the will of humanity to survive. The naval yard, appears as a vast shed. Despite its mammoth size it is dwarfed by the landscape around it, though in my paintings, you could almost miss it altogether.  But it is there, nestling securely in the foothills, positing an idea of security to the UK population.”            Sasha Buchanan – Art North – nos. 6 & 7, https://artnorth-magazine.com/the-magazine

I painted this view in watercolour from across the Loch, further challenged by that most quixotic element – the weather.  Nature exerts a confrontational power – one moment a clear view is offered, but next time the eyes are raised, distant rain blots out the clarity, gusts of wind set the boats bobbing, almost thwarting my activity.

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