Blue Moon miniature stained-glass panel


Textured miniature stained-glass panel for window display, 10x15cm.

Only 1 left in stock

Sold By: Aimee McCulloch Stained Glass


One-off stained-glass panel, painted and kiln fired before being leaded, soldered and polished. The piece can be propped uprightm against a window or hung (hanging loop included).

Dimensions: Width 10cm, Height 15cm, Depth 1cm

The colour of the stained-glass will evolve in depth and intensity throughout the day as changing daylight passes through the glass. The piece is a ‘sketch’ on glass – quickly painted, etched and stippled to capture the essence of the moon and a range of intriguing textures.

To care for this piece, use a dry cloth when dusting is required. Do not use chemical products as they may affect the darkness of the lead, which will continue to blacken beautifully with age over time.

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