Sold By: Adalime Illustrations


Glass Bird Named Alexander

Created by: Adalime Illustrations
Made in: Glasgow
This is an item that is a one-off.
Dimesions: 8.3cm x 5.8cm Depth 0.5cm
Fused glass (up-cycled) and repurposed wire


Alexander is produced from up-cycled fused glass. The recycled glass came from workshops and off-cuts from larger-scale art projects. All works are designed by artist Moira Buchanan.

Each bird is unique, no two birds are created to be identical. As each is an original, their expressions add character formed through shape, use of colour and positioning of the head, tail, wing … well, pretty much each part of the bird’s main features.

Treat yourself. Maybe surprise a family member on a birthday or special occasion. Or, a gift to that amazing friend who’s mad on birds. Whomever you are gifting to, make it one of the wee yin’s here, at Adalime.


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